Termite Control Services

deemak control spray services in lahore

We are offering complete termite, sects, mice control services in Lahore. We are already serving many clients since years and now offering services for public sector.

We are a team working together and providing spray service at homes, offices, shops, hospitals, small and tall buildings.

We spray your garden for pest control on contract basis or on demand for all kinds of diseases.

If you are looking for services to control deemak (termite), mice, sects like mosquitoes etc just call our numbers and our representative will come and spray the desired area at a very nominal price.

We are also providing home delivery of different chemicals and sprayers to our customers in Lahore.

Our Services:

  1. Demak Control and Killer Spray in Lahore
  2. Insect Killer Spray Service in Lahore
  3. Lawn and Garden Spray Service Outdoor and Indoor
  4. Auto Spray Machines
  5. Garden and Home Maintenance Long Term Contract
  6. Termite Proofing Treatment
  7. Rodent Rat Control Fumigation
  8. Anti Bed Bugs treatment
  9. Anti Wood Borer Treatment
  10. Ants Treatment Service
  11. Cockroach Control
  12. General Fumigation

For Details Please call our helpline

Mobile: 0300-8477388