Health Calculators

We will be adding health calculators on this page for our visitors. These health calculators will help you to analyse health according to standards and reginional parameters.

About Us: Creating Free Tools and Content For You

We are happily IT and Marketing professionals creating free tools and content on the Internet. The purpose of is to provide a comprehensive collection of free online calculators for ease of office work, study work, financial work use.

We are always open for suggestions for improvement of our calculators, adding new calculators, formula suggestions, features and design improvements. So you can send your feedback through Contact US form.

The calculators on this site grouped into 3 categories initially: financial, math, and health calculators. Some of our calculators are open source and using open-source JavaScript components under different open-source licenses.

Most of our calculators are based on commonly used formulas and equations from textbooks, such as the mortgage calculator, BMI calculator, etc. We will be adding formulas in article section of the relevant calculator’s page. If formulas are controversial, we provide the results of all popular formulas, as can be seen in the Ideal Weight Calculator. Calculators such as the couple love calculator that are solely meant for amusement are based on internal formulas.

The results of the financial calculators were reviewed by our financial advisors. The results of the health calculators were reviewed and approved by local doctors.

Most of the the descriptive content was written and developed in-house with a small amount of content taken from under the GNU Free Documentation License. The descriptive content of the financial calculators was created and reviewed by our financial advisors. The descriptive content of the health calculators was reviewed by local doctors.

You can browse our calculators if you need a specific type of calculator for your health, finance, mathematical related problem solving.

Thanks for reading about us section. We will be happy to serve your calculation needs.