Simple Calculator

Calculator for Your Office Needs

keeping in view the business and working needs we are offering calculators for office work, accounts work, students calculations, teaching, and all calculation related purposes.

Who Can Use This Calculator

We are launching this new calculator webpage for office, school, and business calculations. This is a good calculator for businesses, accountants, working professionals, office work, students and home offices. If you need a new calculator or function please letus know via email.

Functions of the Calculator

We will keep updating and monitoring functionalities of our calculators as per latest technologies. If you need any specific function or calculator just let us know at Contact Us

Works with Keyboard

This calculator works perfectly with computer and laptop keyboards so you can perform all accounting and other calculations with ease on your computer screen.

Calculate upto 20 digits

This calculator work upto twenty digits with decimal and without decimal figures. So you can perform all type of long calculations with this calculator.

Where This Calculator Can Be Used

This online calculator can be used in offices, schools, factors, businesses, companies, accounts offices, marketing offices,finance offices, administration offices, human resource offices and other place where calculator is needed.

Chrome Extension for Our Calculator

Calculator extension for chrome web brower will be added soon.

Is It Free?

Yes this calculator is available for free usage for all types of mathematical, accounting and other calculations.